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My brother, Pat and his amazing wife, Jill, got married a little over a year ago.  After a long hunt, they found the house they wanted to call theirs ... it just needed a LOT of updating.  It has been a long process and they have worked so hard to make it their own.  The backsplash still needs to be installed; window coverings are on order, as is the side table, desk chair, custom chalkboard menu and some artwork ... but they are so close to completion!  Last week I had fun styling the freshly wallpapered and painted cabinetry in the kitchen.  I'm really pleased with the Graham & Brown wallpaper we picked out: "Kelly's Ikat" ... don't you just love the name?!  More pictures to come once all the accessories are in place!


***UPDATE - Finally got around to shooting the final touches that have been added to the space.  I love the subtle pops of blue and orange thorughout their house.  I love the character that has been added with the variety of texture, color and collected pieces.



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