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I love making things look pretty.

I have always had a love for design, decorating, and just making things look pretty!  At Miami University, sophomore year, I spent an entire week painting a huge mural on one of our apartment walls (I should have been studying!).  I cannot believe my beloved roommates, whom are some of my biggest advocates to this day, let me do that!  


After college, I spent 10 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative.  I loved my job but longed for that creative outlet.  So here I am!  I have no design degree but what I do have is a great eye for what looks good together and how to reinvent existing pieces within your home.  I am always up for finding a good deal and love to shop with the high/low mentality.  Working with people is something I do well and really enjoy.   I truly believe that when you get an interior designer to help you make your home unique and pulled together it is a collaborative effort.  A house cannot be a representation of you without your input! 


I have a really amazing and hardworking husband, John.  Together, we are raising our three sweet kiddos, Sophie, Nick and Chloe.  I would love the privilege to help your home become a truly inviting and special place.  

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